1. Ghost Arcade @Canzine (Oct 20th) - A Debrief.


    I’ve finally found a bit of time to catch up on things, and thought that I would post some images documenting the most recent edition of Ghost Arcade, which happened in Toronto, Ontario, on October 20th as part of Canzine. For those who don’t know, Canzine is one of Canada’s largest DIY zine and indie culture fairs, and features all manner of zines, books, comics, arts and crafts from 100s of creators. It’s run by Broken Pencil Magazine, a Canadian quarterly dedicated to DIY and indie culture. My column Error State has been running in it for about 4 years now. 

    Anyway, I was pleased that the folks at BP asked me to fill one of their art rooms with the Ghost Arcade, as I was hoping to bring this to Toronto before I moved to Montreal. Instead, I packed up a suitcase full of gear, hopped on a train and made my way to Toronto for the show.

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  2. GHOST ARCADE LIVE - ROUND 2! @ CANZINE 2013. Toronto. Oct 20th!

    I just got word the other day that the good folks at Broken Pencil have asked me to bring Ghost Arcade to Canzine 2013 as one of their “art rooms”. Broken Pencil is a great magazine published out of Toronto that documents DIY and Indie culture in Canada. I’ve been writing a column for them called Error State (on DIY tech cultures) for the past five years.

    Canzine takes place on Oct 20th at 918 Bathurst (918 Bathurst Centre). Last year I curated a DIY game room that featured digital and board games, and it was great fun.

    I’m excited to take Ghost Arcade out of the box again! This edition will feature some of the works I showed at the first edition of Ghost Arcade as well as some new additions! Stay Tuned for more info!


  3. Ghost Arcade Returns. Some thoughts about the project.

    And we’re back! Apologies for the long gap between posts on the Ghost Arcade, but I had a little thing called a Master’s Thesis to finish. I’m pleased to report that it’s all but done and now I’m waiting for my defence date. In my absence from Ghost Arcade, I’ve been thinking a lot about the project, and I’ve been thinking about what it means to curate video games in this, and other contexts.

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  4. Ghost Arcade 1 (London Ont) photo documentation now online!


    I’ve put all of the photos from the first Ghost Arcade exhibition online! You can find them all on my flickr page.

    I haven’t yet wrote about all of the games I featured at this edition of Ghost Arcade, so I figured I should give a rundown of the works that were there. In the not so distant future when I’ve finished my MA thesis, I’ll attend to writing in depth about each of these pieces, but for now here’s what was at Ghost Arcade 1!

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  5. One more bit of documentation this evening. Here`s a pic taken by Thomas Cermak, one of the mastermind`s behind LondonFuse, a local arts and media newsite in London, Ontario. Thomas took some pictures of the show and local illustrator Antony Hare wrote a very thoughtful review of the exhibition, capturing perfectly (at least in my opinion) the spirit and poltics of the Ghost Arcade.

    You can read it here.


  6. And here`s part two of my interview about the Ghost Arcade on Wolf Wizard Radio.


  7. With the first edition of the Ghost Arcade now come and gone, it`s time for a bit of documentation! I`m still pouring through the photos from the exhibition, and they will be posted soon, but for now I`ll give you a taste of some of the media coverage from the event.

    The first is from Wolf Wizard Radio, an indie rock program on CHRW, Western University`s campus radio station. I had the pleasure of being on the show with Tyler Smith, manager of City Lights Bookshop, who was instrumental in getting the first edition of the Ghost Arcade off the ground!

    I had to split the interview into two parts because of file size constraints. Here`s part one.

  8. Ghost Arcade Day 1 & 2 have come and gone.The reception was a great success! I’ll be uploading audio from .exe’s set and my set as well as more   pics once I find a reliable internet connection, but for now here’s some pics from instagram, including some fan art made by a visitor to the show!


  9. Ghost Arcade Prep. Building Things!

    I’ve decided to building mini-arcade cabinets out of foam core to display the works at the ghost arcade. these are just the first few i’ve been working on in the past few days.

    These are pics of PSP mini-cabinet stands, they will be painted black to match the PSPs I’ll be using to show some of the works on. There were made from a modified cardboard version I found here.


    I’m installing a 15 inch LCD screen in this cabinet, and will be running hardware in the back of it.


    I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve made physical objects, and it feels really good to be doing non-digital work. More mini cabinets are on the way! Stay tuned.


  10. The first Ghost Arcade Exhibition is only 8 days away!

    I’ve been working hard at putting together the first exhibition for Ghost Arcade and the prep is coming along well.

    While I want to outline the entire exhibition, I’ve decided not to post about any of the works I’m showing this time around, save two I’ve already mentioned here on the blog. I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

    In total there will be 11 hacks/bootlegs/fan made games shown at the exhibition, with two of them being Pokemon:Project Creepy Black (a fan made demo of the Pokemon Creepy Black myth), and the fan made Polybius game. Alongside these will be 9 other oddities, unknowns and known hacks and mods from NES to PC.

    The exhibition takes place from June 20th-23rd on the third floor of City Lights Bookshop in London Ontario, Canada.  It will be open from Noon Until 6 pm everyday, with a special opening reception on Thursday the 20th beginning at 7pm.

    The reception is going to feature two live performances, one by Toronto’s .exe, who will be doing a set of avant jazz composed on a Gameboy. The other is a noise/ drone set by me, using a Gameboy a Nintendo DS and a Sony Playstation portable.

    Here’s a link to the public facebook event page for those interested in checking it out!

    This exhibition is unlike any I’ve ever done before. I’ll be bringing the tech to show all the works with me (laptops/ controllers/ screens/ hacked handhelds) and I’ll be using what I find in the space (old shelves/ tables/etc) to show the work.  The space is beautiful and raw and I want to harness that aesthetic for the exhibition.

    Also, Ghost Arcade is portable enough that I am planning on touring it, in galleries and alternative spaces. If you’re interested in hosting an edition of Ghost Arcade, please get in touch with me.

    See you at the show!